Komplekts Vieglam solim

2 Fungispray 20 ml + 2 Venolux 50 ml

A set for lightness of legs for active people and athletes.


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2 Fungispray 20 ml + 2 Venolux 50 ml


VENOLUX gel provides immediate cooling effect and pleasant sensations in your legs after active exercise and long walks. The package of the gel is compact and hermetically sealed, therefore it is easy to carry with you and use thanks to the dispenser mechanism.

FUNGISPRAY is a highly useful footcare agent in the cases, of increased perspiration of feet and unpleasant feet aroma. Fungispray efficiently removes unpleasant smell of feet, as well as footwear. The product in the form of a spray improves the comfort of feet, providing pleasant aroma, as well as prevents fungal infections of the feet.

The packaging of Fungispray is very convenient, it can be safely carried along, when doing sports or travelling.