Coenzyme Q10 100 mg 120 caps.

High-quality Coenzyme Q10 with flaxseed oil.


120 kaps

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Do not use a nutritional supplement as a substitute for a full, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


High-quality Coenzyme Q10 with flaxseed oil.


120 capsules


SIA “Silvanols”, Kurbada iela 2a, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvija.

Do not use food supplement as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

No added preservatives. GMO-free.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients of the product. During pregnancy and breast-feeding use after consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Content at the recommended daily dose 1 capsule
Flaxseed oil, 

of which alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3)

130 mg

65 mg

Coenzyme Q10 100 mg

Ingredients. Capsule shell (gelatine, humectant glycerol, colour iron oxides and hydroxides), flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) oil, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), emulsifier lecithins, triglycerides, glazing agent white and yellow beeswax.

No added preservatives. GMO-free.

Active ingredients

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is involved in the body’s energy production processes.

Flaxseed oil containing alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3)

Flaxseed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the right proportions. It has positive effects on heart health, joint mobility, healthy skin and helps reduce inflammation

5 reasons to use GOImmune during the virus season

Strengthen the immunity

A new, innovative product created in Latvia to strengthen immunity during the cold and virus season. GOlmmune products are intended for both daily and intensive use.

A new, original approach to maintaining immunity

GOlmmune - these are innovative products that are developed in the form of a special sublingual spray. Spraying GOlmmune or GOlmmune KIDS under the tongue ensures a faster effect of the products.

For the whole family

The GOlmmune product line includes two products
— GOlmmune and GOlmmune KIDS and will be suitable for the whole family. GOlmmune KIDS can be used by children from the age of 2, its composition has been created especially for small children. GOlmmune, on the other hand, is designed for use by adults and children from the age of 12.

Easy to use. Delicious

GOImmune products are easy to use, easy to take with you in your daily routine and take care of protecting yourself and your family during the virus season. They are delicious and will appeal to the most demanding.


The composition of GOlmmune and GOlmmune KIDS is special created to strengthen the body during the cold and virus season. The products contain lactoferrin, which is an important body protein and is most abundant in the mother's colostrum immediately after the birth of the child. GOlmmune products contain elderberry fruit, which is already traditionally used to support the immune system and zinc, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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