Komplekts Vēnu veselībai un labsajūtai

For lightness of legs and long-term health of veins

1 Venolux 30 caps. + 1 Venolux 50 ml

A set for double well-being for your legs. Capsules for internal, gel for external use.


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1 Venolux 30 caps. + 1 Venolux 50 ml


VENOLUX capsules have new, improved ingredients with diosmin and herbal extracts. Chestnut and ruscus helps reducing the feeling of heaviness in the legs, promotes circulation and venous return. Ruscus helps reducing oedema, refreshes and creates the feeling of lightness in the feet. Ginkgo biloba promotes the micro-circulation of blood.

Permissible daily dose: 1 – 2 capsules.

VENOLUX gel provides immediate cooling effect, when used for the relief of tired legs, if the tiredness is caused by sedentary lifestyle, having to stand up for long periods of time, and in the event of increased loads. The product will be suitable in the event of active sports activities and long walks to provide a pleasant cooling effect. Improves microcirculation with long-term use.

For better and more stable effect and for the prevention of venous failure and treatment of various types of oedema, we recommend using together with VENOLUX capsules and VENOLUX gel every day.